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After many years located in the Livermore Valley just east of the San Francisco Bay Area in California we are now in Simi Valley California just North of Los Angeles in Ventura County. Over the years we have been able to provide Landscape Irrigation Designs and Consulting for projects ranging from single family homes to commercial campuses and numerous municipalities. We've completed projects in Japan, China, Mexico, multiple parts of the United States and seemingly countless projects in beautiful California.

Design Philosophy
Design Policies
Design Techniques
Design Philosophy


I.S.C. Group, Inc.was established as an irrigation consultant firm since 1972. During that time, the irrigation industry has grown tremendously. Products have been developed at a rapid pace to improve all phases of irrigation system performance. In addition, new design techniques are continually developed to enhance irrigation systems by design innovations.


The personnel at I.S.C. Group, Inc. devotes a significant amount of time attending industry conferences and seminars to educate ourselves and become exposed to new ideas to reflect improved designs. Additionally, we continually are in contact with contractors, maintenance personnel and distributors as well as irrigation equipment manufacturers to keep abreast of equipment development, performance and reliability.


I.S.C. Group, Inc.'s irrigation designs reflect a conservative standpoint, utilizing equipment and techniques that are proven to be reliable and effective in the long term. We believe this philosophy to be in the best interest of the end user resulting in dependable performance.



Design Policies


I.S.C. Group, Inc. has been a leader in the area of water conservation for the landscape. Water conservation has long been an essential part of the designs produced by I.S.C. Group, Inc. including the incorporation of conserving equipment and design techniques. Equipment that has been proven effective is used as a matter of company policy.

Examples are:
1.) Matched precipitation heads for uniform application rates.
2.) Pressure regulation when applicable for proper water disbursement.
3.) Check valves to prevent wasteful draining.
4.) Irrigation controllers of sufficient capacity to match the complexity          of the landscape for efficient watering.
5.) Master control valves and flow sensors to monitor system flows and       minimize damage due to broken pipes and heads.

6.) Weather sensors and moisture sensors to minimize overwatering.

Evaluations & Audits

Irrigation system evaluations are vital to ensure your system is functioning optimally.  Whether you are adopting a "new to you" system or finding higher water bills than last year, we can help. 

We provide evaluation services for commercial and residential properties and work with Owners, Property Managers or Agents representing Owners or Buyers.  An consists of a visual inspection and review of performance, programming and uniformity.  We will provide a report card of our findings with Tune Up recommendations as well as a suggested Seasonal Watering Schedule that can be implemented.

In Southern CA, an average of 60% of water use being used for outdoor purposes and a significant percentage of that is being wasted. 

Let ISC Group, Inc. help conserve water, save money & support beautiful spaces at the same time.  Wetter is not better.  Are you seeing moss around your property? Is your lawn squishy? Are your sidewalks wet or do you have water running in the gutter to the storm drain? We can help get these issues resolved.

Basic schedule parameters reference the weather and plant water use data with Department of Water Resources - California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) for creation of irrigation schedules based on evapotranspiration (ET). 


We will get to the bottom of your problems.
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